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October 12, 2017

THE PUB – Unique Pilsner Bar & Restaurant in Prague

Brewers brew the beer, bartenders make it. The old truth that we fully respect. Our beer is unpasteurized and stored in cooled beer tanks. The beer pipes are being cooled all the way to the beer taps and we regularly run their sanitation. The best quality beer is delivered to your glass at any time. Compared to the conventional restaurants, in The PUB you have a unique opportunity to put yourself in the role of a bartender at the table. Enjoy the ritual of consuming the best beer in the company of your friends from the very beginning, from its self-tapping. Do you prefer tapping a Cream, a Classic with a foam head or rather a Neat, a Sweet or a Slice? Try them all! Our bartenders will be happy to advise you how to do it. To tap a perfect beer is a challenge. It takes knowledge as well as skills and a pinch of love. Accept this challenge and have fun with friends in The PUB. Food is important to […]
April 26, 2017
Pilsner urquell


The Czechs have been drinking beer since time immemorial. Emperor Rudolf II’s personal physician held that beer was an incredibly healthy beverage and wrote a treatise to that effect. The Czech beer industry’s worldwide fame dates from the Renaissance, as does the Bohemian tavern which is famous throughout Europe.
April 20, 2017
U Supa Pub

U SUPA Pub & Restaurant

U Supa Pub & Restaurant U Supa Pub is the oldest brewery with restaurant in Prague. It was estimated in 15th century. It is located in the  bussiest street in Old Town in the middle of the King’s way, in neighbourhood of Charles Univerzity. From Tripadvisor.com reviews of U Supa Pub: “Brewing intrigue“: Walked past the bar and restaurant and saw the brewing equipment in full flow and were both intrigued. Walked into to a strong smell of yeast and some very friendly staff. We had beer and snacks and loved it and then returned in the evening for a more substantial offering. We were looked after by Lukas, Jitka and Jakub who were absolutely lovely, professional and so welcoming. The food was great, the service fast and efficient and the beer was very good. They took the time to make […]
April 20, 2017
Beer museum Prague


BEER MUSEUM PRAGUE Six years ago, in Prague, the capital of beer, only handful of Czech beers was being represented. We left the capital and spent time in the villages around the entire country, searching for the best regional craft beers. Our dream was to bring all these great breweries to Prague. Thus, we founded Prague Beer Museum, a place to bring the best beers we found. Without existing infrastructure, creating the first pub in Prague to have 30 Czech craft beers on tap, was challenging. One of the beers we could only get when a friend of the brewer was visiting his girlfriend in Prague. As long as they don’t break up… we’ll have his beer. From the humble beginning, we met with great success. We have two pubs, which are one of the top spots for tourists and […]
April 8, 2017

Restaurace Anděl

April 8, 2017

Kozlovna Lidická

April 6, 2017

U Fleků Brewery & Restaurant

From U Fleků Tripadvisor.com reviews: Perfect place: “Very authentic, excellent food and beer. Great atmosphere and good service. I enjoyed it very much with my husband.” Traditional tavern: “Had a great experience here and went a few times. If you don’t mind watching drunk locals dribbling and falling over and slurping and some sleeping all over the place it is a great place to experience the old culture. Accordion players and spirits before and after meal. Really stodgy food and each time a beer was finished another one was banged down on the table to replace it. If you like old dusty, traditional places then well worth a visit. Service was surprisingly really good. Loved watching the accordion players’ jig and drunk locals.”
April 6, 2017

ORIGINAL Švejk Restaurant

U KALICHA Restaurant Authentic, good, friendly: “Very Authentic, and very good. Just like it looked 15 yrs ago or possibly 50 too. Simple what makes it special among the snobbish places nowadays. Wish it always remain a like it is today” Night of heavy drinking: “Wonderful place with nice dishes and quality beer. Good place to have a night out with your friends. Not a Michelin star, fancy place, but best for guys with big needs for beer.” Typical old Czech place with old atmosphere: “Was a group of 28 people here end of last month and if more people are here then the atmosphere is better and better. Amazing old traditional Czech kitchen with goose leg and goose liver prepared on very tasty way. One of the best places in Prague for Pilsner Urquell beer since it is not […]
April 6, 2017

U Dvou Koček Restaurant

From U Dvou Koček Tripadvisor.com reviews: “Real beer real prices“: A venue full of locals. No nonsense, no gimmicks. Only went for drinks which were good and cheap at approx 1.50 per pint. People friendly enough. “Good old Czech pub“: We had dinner in this restaurant, the place is charming, everything here looks just like time stops decades ago. Great food, lovely staff, very reasonable prices considering the location! “Affordable place right in downtown“: we went there for a beet decided to reserve a place for lunch since around noon it was full packed 🙂 Food was good around 6-7 euros including beer. Beer menu is good, 3-4 types of nice beers 1.5-3 euros. Worth a try
April 6, 2017