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Six years ago, in Prague, the capital of beer, only handful of Czech beers was being represented. We left the capital and spent time in the villages around the entire country, searching for the best regional craft beers. Our dream was to bring all these great breweries to Prague. Thus, we founded Prague Beer Museum, a place to bring the best beers we found. Without existing infrastructure, creating the first pub in Prague to have 30 Czech craft beers on tap, was challenging. One of the beers we could only get when a friend of the brewer was visiting his girlfriend in Prague. As long as they don’t break up… we’ll have his beer.

From the humble beginning, we met with great success. We have two pubs, which are one of the top spots for tourists and Czech people searching for a good selection of the beers. But our story is not over. It is just beginning. Czech beer is famous throughout the entire world, and for good reason. We plan on opening more Prague Beer Museums across Europe to continue to bring these great beers to more and more people.

It’s easier than bringing you all with us to all the breweries. After all, it is all about the beer.

From reviews of Prague beer museum:

Beer lovers paradise!“: We came to Prague…..we like beer…..This is a must! 32 beers to choose from, and if you cant decide….don’t worry! You can try all 32 on a taster tray! If that’s too much, they do taster trays of about 5 beers. If you’re not a fan of beer they also have an abundance of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks! We went on a Wednesday night, it was busy with a great atmosphere. Had live music playing which was great. Service was quick and friendly enough. Had a bite to eat, again came quick and was tasty. Over all its the beer the steals the show and rightly so! Come if you like good atmosphere with a beer for every pallet!!



BEER. It is a drink which Czechs are famous. And they drink more beer per capita than any other country in the world. That is why we invite you to experience the production of Czech beer, learn the history, soak up the scent of hops, and give you the opportunity to taste various kinds of special Czech beers.

BEER MUSEUM PRAGUE - The Biggest Beer Exhibition in Prague

Our unique exposition will show you how time passed by in Czech brewing and beer drinking. You can experience the real smell of hops and malt. Along the way you will learn from hundreds of historical artefacts. The tour would not be complete without beer tasting. In beautiful cellars of this building from 13th century, you can enjoy several types of Czech beers from small breweries in a pub from 19th century and also see how pubs looked like in communist times. Ticket price: 280 CZK OPEN: Mon – Sun 11:00-20:00

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