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April 11, 2019
Metalshop Prague

Metalshop Megastore Prague – We live for heavy music

From the day we’ve learned how to walk, we are visiting metal gigs, concerts and festivals. For more than 15 years we  in Metalshop are selling official band merchandise and since then we’ve pleased thousands and thousands of our customers. We choose the best pieces every day not only for our racks but especially for your wardrobes. We were the first ones to discover some – nowadays well established – brands for Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic and Slovakia). We aspire not just to sell metal merchandise but to set borders of the metal trends as well. Welcome to METAL-SHOP. Metalshop Megastore Prague – more than 200 square meters packed with the best metal merchandise there is. The special place for every metalhead, where you can check out hundreds of products that are also available for immediate purchase! Our Megastore in Prague is a new flagship of […]
April 10, 2019
GOBI Kashmere Prague

GOBI Kašmír Prague – GOBI Cashmere

The rare Mongolian Hircus goats are renowned for producing some of the highest quality cashmere fibre in the world. The unique Mongolian climate which seems dramatic fluctuations in temperature throughout the year, rising about 40°C in summer and dropping below-40°C in winter, results in the natural growth of the goats’ beautifully downy undercoat. The crimp of the cashmere fibres helps them to interlock during the manufacturing process and allows them to be spun into very fine, lightweight fabrics. GOBI Cashmere is pridefully source the raw materials and produce high- end cashmere products right in the heartland of the most valuable rarest cashmere fiber. GOBI Cashmere works directly with the nomadic herders to bring you the finest cashmere clothing produced to high quality and ethical standards. It is important to preserve the generations of expertise and experience that has been accumulated […]
February 10, 2019


TASTE OF PRAGUE  Spa wafers have a long-standing historical tradition and are considered to be an inseparable part of the delightful atmosphere in Czech spas and cities. The origins of spa wafers date back to the 18th century, when the first wafers were made in Bohemia, Czech Republic. English king Edward VII, composer W.A. Mozart and the famous Czech writer F. Kafka were among those who used to enjoy fresh crispy wafers. Now, you too can relish the unique taste, lightness and delightful fragrance. The fine and crispy wafers are a most satisfying dessert, snack or a special indulgence with family or friends. Enjoy anytime with coffee, tea, a glass of wine or just simply straight from the box. They are a perfect gift. With every bite, you will taste & experience and relish the peaceful atmosphere of Bohemia.  
July 24, 2018
Pleasure of perfumes


Discover the sense of natural perfumes and natural interior scents. World of the fairies and the Celtic creatures. In the heart of Prague – the mystery of alchemy of natural perfumes can be a great experience for You. Close to the place, where the Italian family had the manufactory of the perfumes and the cosmetic during the historic times of the emperor Rudolf II, who supported alchemy and astrology and invited that times many of important astrologists of whole Europe, you may try your own sense for the natural aromas. Come and enjoy the creation of natural perfumes or try to create your own one to vegetable oil. The natural ingredients ONLY are guaranteed. Open: Tue-Sat 13:00 -19:00, Sun 16:00 – 20:00 (specially in winter)  
March 7, 2018

BLACKBLACK – a collection of striking geometric jewellery

Delicate but distinctive 3D printed geometric jewellery with a black coloured metal chain.   Stagbeetle—backdrop necklace Wildebeest—geometric necklace  
August 13, 2017
Punktura Prague


PUNKTURA PRAGUE – PUNK, RETRO & VINTAGE CLOTHES Punktura Prague – family manufacture – screen-printed & recycled old Czech clothes & fabrics – original & traditional –Retro & Vintage – designed stuff – unique models – punk for life 
April 17, 2017
Chill Bill Prague


CHILL BILL Prague Chill Bill Prague offers a wide selection of alcohol, cigars, cigarettes, pipes, accessories and a headshop. We represent the ARTISIA Absinth brand – a range of premium absinth brands ARTISIA Absinth. Taste the unique unmistakable flavor of premium Czech absinth. On the site you will find all the information about this unique Czech product, made from 100% natural ingredients.  Thanks to the liquor from 100% natural wormwood ARTISIA Absinth has a memorable, slightly bitter taste. We offer hundreds of high quality brands of spirits, liqueurs and wines from dozens of manufacturers around the world. Chill Bill Prague offers all kinds of alcoholic beverages at appropriate prices. Come into our physical store to be inspired by dozens of kinds of alcohol, according to your mood and taste at a very affordable price. Or we will recommend a new taste […]
April 17, 2017
Artisia Absinth


ARTISIA Absinth Prague We introduce you a range of premium brands with the ARTISIA Absinth label. Taste the unique irreplaceable flavor of premium Czech absinth. Its uniqueness lies not only in its special recipe, but also in the production process. On the website you will find all the information about this unique Czech product, made from 100% natural ingredients.  Thanks to the liquor from 100% natural wormwood it has a memorable, slightly bitter taste. Thujone is an essential part of medicinal wormwood and excessive use is toxic, therefore the legal amount of thujone in ARTISIA Absinth is 35 mg/kg and this is a further unique aspect! We believe you will choose from our range of ARTISIA Absinth and not only because of the unforgettable taste, impressive designs and competitive price. There’s no absinth like ARTISIA Absinth! Range of our Absinth products: Original –  […]