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April 26, 2017
beautiful Prague
The most beautiful city in the world… Prague
August 4, 2017

Prague spires

DSC_0398Prague spires

Prague spires are mentioned even in the famous nickname of Prague as a “The city of a hundred spires” or “The city of one hundred spires”.
So, is it true? Has Prague got really 100 spires? This name comes from the beginning of 19th century and the author was Josef Hormayer – Czech writer. The number of spires in Prague was 103 as it was counted by Czech mathematician Bernard Bolzano.

Indeed, if we look around from one of the look-out spots we can literally see a forest of towers and spires. These towers and spires embellish the numerous religious buildings as well as draw our attention to some remarkable communal buildings. The historical water-towers are also very significant in Prague’s panorama. In the past, they were essential for life in the city the same way as were the detached belfries. Corner towers mostly add grandeur to some of the palaces and common houses, especially in Old Town and New Town, Lesser Town and in Hradčany. Even our era has contributed to the overall list of many buildings of industrial architecture. We can, therefore, state that the name ‘The City of a Hundred Spires’ is more than a historical matter.

In these days Prague has more than 500 spires. Are you interesting to come and count them? Here is a small list of some interesting spires:

St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague Castle

St. George Basilica 

St. Nicholas Cathedral 

Vysehrad picture

Strahov monastery 

Mirror maze picture

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