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April 4, 2017


O1NE CLUB PRAGUE O1NE CLUB PRAGUE IS THE NUMBER ONE CLUB IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC AND LEADS AMONG THE BEST CLUBS IN EUROPE. At One Club Prague we are happy to provide you with a full daily program, quality sound system, and a superb line up of DJs every night. Our team has over 15 years of nightlife club experience, so we knew exactly what we wanted One Club to be. Our goal was comfort, so we created the best table booths in Prague (bottle service), adjustable tables for any group size, Prague’s top security, and hired a friendly and respectable staff. O1ne Club is equipped with the best audio-visual and show-light technology available, top DJs (DJ Afrojack, DJ UWA, DJ Martin 2 Smoove and more), and great choices of drinks. You will find a cocktail bar in the upper […]
October 30, 2016
Mirror Maze in Petrin Hill, Prague

The Mirror Maze Prague

The Mirror Maze Prague The Mirror Maze on Petřín Hill is a favourite spot for children and adults alike. From the outside, this building looks like a small castle, but inside you’ll find a labyrinth made of mirrors: Then, there is the diorama of the battle of the Praguers against the Swedes at Charles Bridge in 1648: Finally you will experience the “hall of laughter” where warped and twisted mirrors will change your appearance in crazy ways. Originally, the Mirror Maze on Petřin Hill was built as an exhibition hall for the Czech Tourist Club at the General Land Centennial Exhibition in 1891. The wooden structure of the maze was originally situated near the corner of the Industrial Palace. Two years later, it was relocated to Petřin Hill near the observation tower. Over time, mirrors were installed in the two side halls. The left hall (the […]
September 17, 2016
Elixir Mystery - Real Escape Maze

Elixir Mystery – Real Escape Maze

Elixir Mystery – Real Escape Maze Elixir Mystery- Real Escape Maze is a realistic escape maze adventure from the time of the Czech king Rudolf II. Travel back in time to Prague’s 16th century under the Charles bridge. Theme: Your team of 2-5 people gets locked in a historical jail, because you were trying to steal his elixir of youth. You have 1 hour to solve clues and get out before they torture and execute you. Find the secret passage to Rudof’s chamber and discover the real Prague’s legend.  Experience an unforgetable atmosphere of old Prague in a fun, educative and competitive way. Mostecká 9 Praha 1 www.ElixirMystery.cz e-mail: info@elixirmystery.cz tel: 604 799 999 Opening hours: Every day 10:00 am – 10:00 pm