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April 6, 2017
Svateho Vaclava Restaurant

Restaurant-Café Svatého Václava

Svateho Vaclava Restaurant From Svateho Vaclava Tripadvisor.com reviews: “Italian restaurant tucked away down an alley- lovely ambiance“:  My travel buddy and I do not eat meat and didn’t want to eat at the restaurants that our tour guide had suggested. We came across this restaurant tucked away in an alley off Wencelas square. It wasn’t busy that night, so the waiter spent quite a bit of time chatting with us about world news. I had the minestrone sup which was delicious followed by penne with salmon, I asked to have a marinara sauce instead of the creamy sauce. However, my waiter was not very attentive and did not substitute the marinara sauce that i requested. Despite that we found the food was very tasty and we received large portions. The next night we went back to Svateho Vaclava Restaurant, this time the waiter […]
April 6, 2017
Mustek Restaurant

Mustek Restaurant

Mustek Restaurant From Mustek Restaurant Tripadvisor.com reviews: “Excellent Restuarant“: We recently visited this Mustek restaurant, we were welcomed and sat down in a good place. We received excellent service by an English speaking waiter, but at the same time we noted that many of the waiting staff spoke several languages in fact they advertise that 10 languages are spoken so ordering our meal was very easy. The menu was in several languages too with pictures of the food that you could choose, so it was easy. The food was delicious and the beer great. We did not have to wait long for our meal either and it was reasonably priced. We would recommend it at any time of the day! Free WiFi available too in the restaurant “The best restaurant of Praha“: We ordered a duck leg and a pork knuckle,to be […]
April 6, 2017

U Fleků Brewery & Restaurant

From U Fleků Tripadvisor.com reviews: Perfect place: “Very authentic, excellent food and beer. Great atmosphere and good service. I enjoyed it very much with my husband.” Traditional tavern: “Had a great experience here and went a few times. If you don’t mind watching drunk locals dribbling and falling over and slurping and some sleeping all over the place it is a great place to experience the old culture. Accordion players and spirits before and after meal. Really stodgy food and each time a beer was finished another one was banged down on the table to replace it. If you like old dusty, traditional places then well worth a visit. Service was surprisingly really good. Loved watching the accordion players’ jig and drunk locals.”
April 6, 2017

ORIGINAL Švejk Restaurant

U KALICHA Restaurant Authentic, good, friendly: “Very Authentic, and very good. Just like it looked 15 yrs ago or possibly 50 too. Simple what makes it special among the snobbish places nowadays. Wish it always remain a like it is today” Night of heavy drinking: “Wonderful place with nice dishes and quality beer. Good place to have a night out with your friends. Not a Michelin star, fancy place, but best for guys with big needs for beer.” Typical old Czech place with old atmosphere: “Was a group of 28 people here end of last month and if more people are here then the atmosphere is better and better. Amazing old traditional Czech kitchen with goose leg and goose liver prepared on very tasty way. One of the best places in Prague for Pilsner Urquell beer since it is not […]
April 6, 2017

U Dvou Koček Restaurant

From U Dvou Koček Tripadvisor.com reviews: “Real beer real prices“: A venue full of locals. No nonsense, no gimmicks. Only went for drinks which were good and cheap at approx 1.50 per pint. People friendly enough. “Good old Czech pub“: We had dinner in this restaurant, the place is charming, everything here looks just like time stops decades ago. Great food, lovely staff, very reasonable prices considering the location! “Affordable place right in downtown“: we went there for a beet decided to reserve a place for lunch since around noon it was full packed 🙂 Food was good around 6-7 euros including beer. Beer menu is good, 3-4 types of nice beers 1.5-3 euros. Worth a try
April 6, 2017


April 5, 2017

U Sudu Wine Cellar

U Sudu Prague from Tripadvisor.com reviews of U Sudu Prague: Amazing Labyrinth: “This is exactly what a Prague pub should be. A mix of locals and tourists, and extremely fresh, cheap, and delicious Pilsner Urquell on tap. The top floor is more for an older crowd and the deeper you go the more young and noisy it gets – the final room was a cloudy haze with some blaring Pantera! Definitely worth a wander through all of the levels to see which one you like the best. The night I was there, they were playing metal on the deepest level and minimalist piano works on the top floor. U Sudu Prague is a totally fascinating place!” Remember you are at a local pub: “This place is SO cool. it just keeps going down and down! Table football, different music bar to bar, […]
March 8, 2017
foto-Dutch Pub - banner


THE DUTCH PUB From Tripadvisor.com reviews of The Dutch Pub: “Great pub with good food and atmosphere“: Visited The Dutch Pub during our trip to Prague looking for something other than Czech cuisine. Our starter, beetroot carpaccio with goats cheese and caramelized walnuts was gorgeous and we have watched it being prepared as our table was right near the open kitchen. Rib eye steak was nice and pink and seasoner perfectly, came with a big pile of grilled vegetables, salad leaves and a peppercorn sauce. We have also ordered chips and mash. The mash was so creamy and delicious! Cheesecake with strawberry sauce was lovely and homemade. We were stuffed by the end of the meal but have no regrets. We have forgotten our bag with EVERYTHING in it, passports, money, hotel keys. Realised almost at our hotel, ran back to […]
March 8, 2017
La Republica


La Republica Prague From Tripadvisor.com reviews of La Republica restaurant: “Great food and entertainment!!“: We came here with a group of friends from the USA. What a great place to get to know the culture of Czech Republic!! Our waitress Michaela was awesome!! The food was amazing!!! The bbq beef, schnitzel was huge and very tasty and one of us had the 1/2 duck. So very delicious!!! Even if you have a gluten allergy you can still find something great to eat!!! “Large Group Dinner“: We were 6 couples and they put us upstairs where we could overlook the lower level and bar. There was two person band on our level which was excellent. Most of us had the duck dinner, but one person ordered the pork knuckle (huge). The half duck dinner serves two people. The meal was excellent. Service a […]
January 13, 2017
Tap your own beer yourself

Tap a perfect beer yourself!

In each of the The PUB bars, you have a unique opportunity to put yourself in the role of a bartender at the table. Enjoy the ritual of consuming the best beer in the company of your friends from the very beginning, from its self-tapping. Do you prefer tapping a Cream, a Classic with a foam head or rather a Neat, a Sweet or a Slice? Try them all! The PUB bartenders will be happy to advise you how to do it. To tap a perfect beer is a challenge. It takes knowledge as well as skills and a pinch of love. Accept this challenge and have fun with friends in The PUB   1/ CREAM BEER TAPPING This tapping results in a beer with wet foam that settles slowly. The beer has a thick creamy head and full, balanced flavor. The beer foam should draw circles on the glass wall after each tiff Slightly open the valve pushing the lever and drip some foam out of the […]