National Museum and TV Tower Prague
National Museum and TV Tower next to each other
November 14, 2017
Charles Bridge / Karlův most
Charles Bridge
November 29, 2017

Golden Lane

Golden Lane Prague

Do you want to see a street where houses are so small that they fit more to dwarfs than to people? The Golden Lane is a row of miniature houses glued literally to the walls of the Prague Castle. They are coloured and the origin of some of them goes back to the 16 th century. The renowned writer Franz Kafka lived in the Golden Lane Prague for some time.

From comments:

Go there first before the tour groups arrive!

Gorgeous little lane but try and get there before everyone else. Once the tour groups arrive the tiny lane is jam packed and you can’t take a good picture let alone walk down the street. …

It Was Not Build With Tourists in Mind…

Just few people used to live in these tiny houses, centuries ago. That’s what is so fascinating. Their needs were simple and they obviously managed somehow in these tight spaces. My tall husband enters with his head bent down, that is how tight and small the houses are. I remember the days when one could walk through the street freely, no crowds, no entry fee. But tourism has it’s price. These days everybody is a tourist here. I believe that the entrance fee is an attempt to control the congestion and helps to some degree. Any type of shopping in the small spaces is difficult. Years ago my daughter bought few hand made things, as some of the money was donated to children’s charity. I always return for a quick walkthrough, remembering how it used to be the old days


Prague Castle - Golden Lane

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