Hotel Opera
March 27, 2017
Hostel & Pension Downtown
March 29, 2017


The TOP HOTEL Praha**** and congress centre, is, in terms of the offered services, a perfectly unique hotel. It offers its guests accommodation in more than 800 rooms and suites, up to 5,000 congress seats, restaurants and bars with Czech and international cuisine, catering, wellness, Japanese garden or a vast parking lot.



Hotel Opera Prague

Hotel Opera is situated within Prague 1, an area which is part of a UNESCO World Heritage historical preserve. The following neighborhoods (or ancient cities) form a part of the Prague 1 historical preserve: Old Town, Josefov, Hradcany (with its Prague Castle), Lesser Town and New Town. Hotel Opera is located in the New Town area of Prague 1. Prague offers an extensive range of architectural styles and design elements. Within just a few square kilometers you can see a Romanesque building adjacent to others built in the Gothic, Renaissance or Art Nouveau styles. There are two reasons for this uniqueness. First, Prague’s history is extremely rich. The first Prague settlement dates all the way back to the Stone Age. This means that Prague masonries have been busy ever since the first distinctive architectural style – Romanesque – came into existence in the 9th century. Another reason for this uniqueness is the fact that Prague was never intentionally bombed during the two World Wars. While other European capitals were under constant bombardment, Prague was able to avoid damage to or destruction of its architectural beauty.

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