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GOBI Kašmír Prague – GOBI Cashmere

The rare Mongolian Hircus goats are renowned for producing some of the highest quality cashmere fibre in the world. The unique Mongolian climate which seems dramatic fluctuations in temperature throughout the year, rising about 40°C in summer and dropping below-40°C in winter, results in the natural growth of the goats’ beautifully downy undercoat. The crimp of the cashmere fibres helps them to interlock during the manufacturing process and allows them to be spun into very fine, lightweight fabrics.

GOBI Cashmere is pridefully source the raw materials and produce high- end cashmere products right in the heartland of the most valuable rarest cashmere fiber. GOBI Cashmere works directly with the nomadic herders to bring you the finest cashmere clothing produced to high quality and ethical standards. It is important to preserve the generations of expertise and experience that has been accumulated in the Mongolian nomadic community. By eliminating the middlemen, GOBI maintains the ability to ensure sustainable practices throughout the production process. Thus, humane, ethical standards go hand-in-hand with GOBI Corporation’s commitment to producing the finest luxury cashmere products. GOBI has a focus on protecting the heritage of traditional cashmere goat herders, whilst introducing modern production techniques and innovative design.

Envelop yourself in our 100% cashmere coats for a relaxed, yet regal look, with a range of classic hues to choose from. Each cashmere coat is expertly crafted in heartland of cashmere for supreme style and quality. Our blankets, in cashmere, are perfect as interior design pieces, not to mention great gifts. Something to dress the home; bedroom or living room, as well as a faithful picnic blanket.

GOBI Kashmere Prague

We specialize exclusively in the sale of woven and knitted ladies’ and men’s garments and 100% cashmere accessories. These are mainly sweaters, pullovers, vests, turtlenecks, skirts, scarves, plaids, pashminas, caps, gloves and socks. In 2011, our range was expanded by luxury palette and coats. As a complementary assortment we offer blankets and blankets of 100% cashmere, but also of coat of camels and yaks.

Sales of women’s and men’s luxury clothing made of 100% cashmere.



GOBI Kašmír

The clothing particularly includes blouses, pullovers, sweaters, button-through waistcoats, polo-necks, skirts, scarves, plaids, caps, gloves and blankets.

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