Zvonice Restaurant Prague

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April 1, 2019
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Zvonice Restaurant Prague

It’s not every day that you get the chance to dine in the belfry of a Gothic tower! Zvonice restaurant Prague occupies the 7-9th floors. The central feature throughout is the massive ‘St. Maria’ bell from 1518.

You can find the remarkable two-storey “Zvonice” Restaurant at the very top of the quiet (until recently) and mystery-veiled Jindřišská Tower. The architect making the reconstruction succeeded to maintain the historical heritage of the tower: uncovered wooden beams, oak floors, original walls, stone boulders and exceptional ironworks.

 It will take your breath away as you are shown between the rough ashlar walls and first catch the amazing view from the large gothic windows on both floors, with the completely authentic wooden beams and Bell of St. Maria, cast in 1518, dominating the remarkable interior space.

From Tripadvisor.com reviews:

Wonderful location for a romantic dinner: The restaurant is in a bell tower, we just found it on our way to Boscolo Hotel, it’s very near, in fact, it was a snowy evening, this made this place more romantic and cosy, excellent food, good choice of wine, professional staff and location very quiet, I just suggested it to a friend of mine who is visiting Prague!

 Unique place to eat in Prague“: The Restaurant Zvonice was very close to our hotel (Buscolo) and was recommended by the concierge. It was a very nice place located in a large tower in which each floor had different places. The restaurant was on the top floors. The tower is small so the kitchen is actually above the dining area.

The food was very good. A nice selection of traditional Czech food. I tried the Old-Bohemian piquant wild game ragout on red wine served with bacon dumpling and Old-Bohemian roasted potato gnocchi and found it delicious. Others tried the Old-Bohemian veal cheeks with cream of citrus fruit and forest honey, served with
mashed potato with bacon and spring onion, carrot chips and watercress and the deer and the steak.

We all were satisfied with the meal. The view was ok but better from the top where we were invited after dinner. It had good service as well. Is it pricey? Maybe but it was an enjoyable experience with good food so I am ok with that.

Fabulous location: Went for a romantic meal with my partner. The meal was fantastic. The wine selection was very good. The staff were excellent. Would thoroughly recommend this restaurant which has some great views from the tower.

 Restaurant Zvonice

The remarkable two-storey “Zvonice” Restaurant is situated at the very top of the quiet (until recently) and mystery-veiled Jindřišská Tower. The atmosphere that is created by the sensible use of the centuries old premises will not be found anywhere else.

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