Karlín Musical Theatre (Hudební divadlo Karlín)

Chvaly Chateau (Chvalský zámek)
Chvaly Chateau (Chvalský zámek)
December 15, 2018
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December 20, 2018

Karlín Musical Theatre (Hudební divadlo Karlín)

The third oldest theatre in Prague opened 15 days after the National Theatre fire in 1881. From its early days as a circus arena where magic, circus and “midget shows” were held, the theatre has grown into a renowned venue for musicals and operettas. The Karlín Musical Theatre boasts the largest historic theatre for nearly 1,000 people.


  • Karlín Musical Theatre (Hudební divadlo Karlín)
  • Křižíkova 10
  • 186 00 Praha 8- Karlín
  • +420 221 868 666
  • +420 736 621 155

Source: https://www.prague.eu/en/object/places/178/karlin-musical-theatre-hudebni-divadlo-karlin

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