CRYSTAL Restaurant Prague

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March 8, 2017
March 25, 2017

CRYSTAL Restaurant Prague

CRYSTAL Restaurant Prague

From reviews: “Must definitely recommend this place – food is gorgeous,we had a big party there so basically tried almost everything from the menu and it was fantastic! Excellent cocktails and very nice service. Great choice of lemonades for people who do not drink alkohol 🙂 Perfect place not only for dinner but for lunch as well, as we found out they serve some lunch menu during the day. Would stop by for sure! I absolutely loved the interior!”

“Beautiful Bar with excellent food, drinks and service! They even made special coctails for my needs and the whiskey tasting was superb… and so was the dessert cake! Highly recommend the place!”

“The decor is so glitzy and trendy that I would not have ventured there on my own for lunch or dinner. As luck would have it, it was chosen an a lunch spot by the conference so there I was. The menu was set and it was tomato basil soup and chicken breast with mashed potatoes. Sounds boring? Not at all! The soup was fresh and refreshing, as good tomato soup is supposed to be. The chicken breast was done just right so it is seared on the outside but moist on the inside.

The gravy was where the “international” came in. As far as I can tell, it is made of chicken broth, Worcester sauce, paprika, and something else, which gives it a tangy taste that compliments the chicken breast. But the star of the dish is the mashed potatoes. I thought that I would never get excited by mashed potatoes but there I was, wolfing it down. What made it so special? The texture and the taste: It is smooth with larger chucks of potatoes in it. It is seasoned just right.

Combining the chicken, gravy, and the mashed potatoes into one bite and wow! everything in the universe is just right! the perfect combination of taste, texture, and spices all come to together into an enjoyable experience.
Bravo to the chef! I would highly recommend this place! It is located in one of the many curvy little streets minutes from the town square but it is worth the effort to find it. Enjoy!”

At the Crystal Bar and Restaurant you can start with breakfast, have a business lunch and finish your day with a delicious dinner with a glass of wine or a cocktail. • Excellent breakfast • Suitable space for business lunch • International modern kitchen • Comfortable seating in a design environment • Varied menu of innovative cocktails • Modern place at night • VIP lounge with billiard

Crystal Restaurant


about Crystal Restaurant

Modern place in the Prague city center! Excellent cousine / Great cocktails / Pleasant atmosphere - Open: Mon-Tue 07:30-24:00, Wed-Thu 07:30-01:00, Fri 07:30-03:00, Sat 11:00-03:00, Sun 11:00-24:00

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