#Pubs and Bars in Prague

March 8, 2017
La Bodeguita del Media


LA BODEGUITA DEL MEDIO From Tripadvisor.com reviews of La Bodeguita: “Fantastic restaurant for excellent drinks, good food and great service“: We went to the restaurant on recommendation from the concierge at our hotel. This was a cool place, with the best mojitos ever. The waitress was very helpful giving us suggestions for the best drinks and food. And we were not disappointed… We really had a great evening here. We were lucky they had a table available. We highly recommend this place, but remember to book a table in advance ūüėČ “Unbelievable!!!!“: The last thing that I expected was to find a Cuban restaurant in Prague. OMG. How exciting is that!!! After being away from home (Miami,Florida) for over a month traveling, we missed Cuban food. The place is great! The food is great! Even the Mojitos were great. You […]
January 13, 2017
Tap your own beer yourself

Tap a perfect beer yourself!

Tap your own beer! In each of the The PUB bars, you have unique opportunity to put yourself in¬†the role of¬†a¬†bartender at¬†the table. Tap your own beer – enjoy the ritual of¬†consuming the best beer in¬†the company of¬†your friends from the very beginning, from itself-tapping. Do you prefer tapping a¬†Cream, a¬†Classic with¬†a¬†foam head or rather a¬†Neat, a¬†Sweet or a¬†Slice?¬†Try them all! The PUB¬†bartenders will be happy to advise you how to do¬†it. To tap a¬†perfect beer is a¬†challenge. It takes knowledge as well as skills and¬†a¬†pinch of¬†love.¬†Accept this challenge and¬†have fun with¬†friends in¬†The¬†PUB   1/ CREAM BEER TAPPING This tapping results in a beer with wet foam that settles slowly. The beer has a thick creamy head and full, balanced flavor. The beer foam should draw circles on the glass wall after each tiff Slightly open the valve pushing the […]