Restaurant-Café Svatého Václava

Svateho Vaclava Restaurant From Svateho Vaclava reviews: “Italian restaurant tucked away down an alley- lovely ambiance“:  My travel buddy and I do not eat meat and didn’t want to eat at the restaurants that our tour guide had suggested. We came across this restaurant tucked away in an alley off Wencelas square. It wasn’t busy that night, so the waiter spent quite a bit of time chatting with us about world news. I had the minestrone sup which was delicious followed by penne with salmon, I asked to have a marinara sauce instead of the creamy sauce. However, my waiter was not very attentive and did not substitute the marinara sauce that i requested. Despite that we found the food was very tasty and we received large portions. The next night we went back to Svateho Vaclava Restaurant, this time the waiter … Continue reading Restaurant-Café Svatého Václava