U Balbinu Restaurant Prague - U Balbínů Restaurace Praha
“U Balbinu” Restaurant
November 29, 2017
Christmas in Prague
Merry Christmas from Prague to everyone!
December 24, 2017

Prague islands

There are 8 islands in Prague

Prague islands


Map of Prague Islands

There are 8 Prague islands:

  1. Císařská louka (Originally, this area was called the Royal Meadow. It was a wide bank on which the great coronation feast of Václav II was probably held. in 1297)
  2. Veslařský ostrov (“ostrov” means island in Czech)
  3. Slovanský ostrov
  4. Střelecký ostrov
  5. Dětský ostrov
  6. Kampa
  7. Štvanice
  8. Libeňský ostrov – called island, but actually it is a peninsula
  9. Trojský (Císařský) ostrov

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