U Balbinu Restaurant Prague - U Balbínů Restaurace Praha
“U Balbinu” Restaurant
November 29, 2017
Christmas in Prague
Merry Christmas from Prague to everyone!
December 24, 2017

Prague islands

There are 8 Prague islands:

  1. Císařská louka (Originally, this area was called the Royal Meadow. It was a wide bank on which the great coronation feast of Václav II was probably held. in 1297)

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    Císařska louka

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  2. Veslařský ostrov (“ostrov” means island in Czech)

  3. Slovanský ostrov

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  4. Střelecký ostrov

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    Que quede claro que Moh es Beréber

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  5. Dětský ostrov

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    Malostranska. Praha.

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  6. Kampa

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  7. Štvanice

  8. Libeňský ostrov – called island, but actually it is a peninsula

  9. Trojský (Císařský) ostrov

There are 8 islands in Prague

Prague islands


Map of Prague Islands

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