5 interesting facts about Prague Castle

April 23, 2017
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April 25, 2017

5 interesting facts about Prague Castle

4/  The castle buildings represent virtually every architectural style of the last millennium.

5/ Check list of the most important buildings of Prague Castle:
– Basilica of St George
– St. Vitus Cathedral
– St. George’s Basilica, Prague and St. George’s Convent, which is the oldest surviving church building within Prague Castle.
– All Saints Church
– Holy Cross Chapel
– Old Royal Palace
– Belvedere or Royal Summer Palace
– Lobkowicz Palace
– New Royal Palace

Other buildings:
– Daliborka (Dalibor Tower)
– Powder Tower or Mihulka
– Golden Lane
– Supreme Burgrave’s House
– Ball Game Hall
– Riding School building
– Old Provost Residence
– New Provost Residence

1/ A legend says that alchemists lived in those cute little houses of Prague Castle, in  Golden Lane (Zlata ulicka); what’s more certain is that goldsmiths and later Franz Kafka were residents.
2/ Roughly the size of seven football fields, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. (listed in the Guinness Book of World Records)
3/  The Rolling Stones paid to light the Prague Castle! The iconic rock group played one of Prague’s first international concerts after the Velvet Revolution in 1989, and developed a close friendship with Czech President Václav Havel. Legend has it that, over drinks with the president, the band admired the prominent monument, but said it was a shame you couldn’t see it at night. Havel had bigger problems to worry about (like running a newly democratic country). So, the band paid the $32,000 (about 775,000 CZK) price tag and had their lighting designer install the system that tourists continue to enjoy today.

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