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Bohemian Garnet – history and present

Bohemian garnet, deposit of which are located only in Bohemia, has maintained a unique position due to its nice, fiery red colour and its refractive properties – not to mention its curative effects. Its reputation has been known since the time of Emperor Rudolf II.,

and admirer of Bohemian garnet, who possessed numerous unique examples. Bohemian garnet has helped to overcome sorrow, bringing vital power, spirit, and feeling of joy.

Over the course of time, Bohemian garnet, has gained popularity even beyond the borders of Bohemia. During the 1890’s the appereance of Bohemian garnet jewellery archived its characteristic design where the garnets dominate its metal setting. This characteristic has remained unchanged to this day.

The Granát Co-op, since it was formed in 1953 by the unification of small trades, has continued the manufacture of real Bohemian garnet jewellery while spreading their publicity abroad. From the day was founded, Granát has been the largest and most important producer of Bohemian garbnet jewellery in the world. Granát employs 360 goldsmiths and stonecutters and is also a renowned manufacturer of cut gems and synthetic jewels.

Granát is also the sole owner of mines, where Bohemian garnet is still being mined. Information of co-operative of artistic manufacturing Granát: Bohemian garnet jewels belong among esteemed products and this results in production of fakes. They are offered on the Bohemian market, sometimes even with the brand name “Bohemian Garnet”.

Therefore, if you want to own genuine jewels made by the Czech jewel-producers, purchase those accompanied by manufacturer’s certificate or visit a certified seller. Jewel produced by us have the hallmark G, G1.


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